Vivos DNA Appliance – Aspen Hill, MD

The Answer for Better Mornings

Oral appliance therapy is quickly becoming the most popular sleep apnea treatment option, and it’s no surprise why. Compared to a CPAP machine, sleep appliances are quieter, easier to use, more comfortable, and more affordable as well. At Exceptional Dentistry Pain & Sleep Solutions, we use the Vivos DNA appliance for our Aspen Hill, MD patients because it is able to accomplish things a standard mouthguard simply can’t to deliver long-term and life-changing results.

Why Choose Exceptional Dentistry Pain & Sleep Solutions for the Vivos DNA Appliance?

  • 100% Custom-Made Sleep Appliances for Each Patient
  • Can Reduce or Even Stop Snoring & Sleep Apnea Symptoms
  • Designed Using the Latest Techniques & Technology

What Makes the Vivos DNA Appliance Different

The Vivos DNA appliance looks like a regular retainer, and a patient simply has to wear it to bed for about nine to 18 months to experience the benefits. Over that time, it will gradually widen the upper airway and align the bite, removing two root sources of sleep apnea.

When the bite and airway are both in great shape, this makes obstructions much less likely to occur throughout the night. As a result, a patient snores less and experiences fewer stoppages in breathing.

For many patients, the Vivos DNA appliance is able to cure them of their sleep apnea, reducing symptoms to the point that they don’t affect their daily lives anymore. For others, it can allow them to transition from a CPAP machine to an oral appliance, or at the least, use their machine on a much lower setting so they can be more comfortable.