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Better Nights for Your Little One

It’s estimated that about 2-4% of children in the U.S. have some type of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), and this includes sleep apnea. While sleep problems tend to make adults feel tired, with children, the opposite can be true. A lack of rest can make them hyperactive, which is why they are often misdiagnosed as having ADD/ADHD. If you know that your child snores, or if they are being treated for ADD/ADHD and it isn’t working, it may be time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Saba to learn more about children's airway treatment in Aspen Hill, MD.

Why Choose Exceptional Dentistry Pain & Sleep Solutions for Children’s Airway Treatment?

  • Doctor with Years of Sleep Apnea Therapy Training
  • Care Provided
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  • Custom-Made Oral Appliance That Can Stop Sleep Apnea

What is Childhood Sleep Apnea?

Child snoring due to sleep apnea

Children can develop sleep apnea due to all of the same reasons as adults, but the main culprit tends to be an underdeveloped or narrow upper airway. This means that one or both of their jaws may be growing too slowly, causing their breathing to become restricted while they sleep. It can also create dental issues like crowding and crookedness. Simply put, neither the teeth nor the air has enough room.

VIVOS Appliance for Children

Child sleeping soundly thanks to vivos appliance therapy

The VIVOS appliance is a small, custom mouthguard that a child wears to bed, and it applies slight pressure to their teeth. Over the course of a few months, their dental arches (the upper and lower rows of teeth) will be gently pushed out and expanded, opening up the airway. This will not only make more room for the incoming adult teeth, but it will also make breathing easier, particularly during sleep. The biggest benefit of the VIVOS appliance is that the results are permanent, so the impact it can have on a child’s long-term health is practically immeasurable.