Diagnosing TMJ Disorder – Aspen Hill, MD

Getting to the Root of the Issue

The reason that so many TMD sufferers are unable to find relief is that the doctors they visit simply aren’t looking for it. If a person is experiencing headaches or ear pain (two common symptoms of TMD), a doctor will often look at the head and ears as the source of the issue. The problem is that it starts in the jaw! Getting the diagnosis right requires skill and the correct approach, and you’ll find both here utilized by Dr. Saba and her team. By discovering the root cause of your pain and diagnosing TMJ disorder in Aspen Hill, MD, she can then treat it directly to deliver lasting relief.

Why Choose Exceptional Dentistry Pain & Sleep Solutions for Diagnosing TMJ Disorder?

  • Latest Technology Used For Improved Accuracy
  • Dentist with Extensive Training in TMJ Therapy
  • Proven Track Record of Providing Long-Term Relief

Advanced Training

Model of jaw and skull bone

In order to be able to accurately diagnose patients dealing with TMD, Dr. Saba takes many, many hours of continuing education each year (about 100 on average, which is roughly 10 times more than what dentists are required to do). She also has over a decade of experience, which means she’s able to catch things that most other doctors (including fellow dentists) might miss.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

T M J and facial profile on tablet computer screen

Of course, diagnosing TMD requires more than just a visual exam. Dr. Saba also uses technology that allows her to see how the muscles of the jaw are firing and in what order the teeth are touching when the mouth is closed with extreme precision. These two pieces of information can reveal high-pressure spots and imbalances that usually lead to pain. With the right instruments, there is absolutely no guesswork or assumptions, meaning she can provide extremely effective treatment.