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Did you know that your ear and neck pain might not actually be the result of a problem in your ears or neck? As unintuitive as it might sound, these issues can often stem from TMD, or an issue in the jaw. At Exceptional Dentistry Pain & Sleep Solutions, we can help determine whether this is true for you, and if so, we can offer proven solutions that can be customized to your situation to address ear and neck pain at our Aspen Hill, MD specialty dental office.

Why Choose Exceptional Dentistry Pain & Sleep Solutions for Treating Ear & Neck Pain?

  • Custom-Designed Solutions for Each Patient
  • Medication-Free Approach to Long-Term Relief
  • Flexible Financing Makes Treatment Affordable

How Ear & Neck Pain Can Start in the Jaw

Woman holding face due to ear and neck pain

You don’t need to be a doctor to see that your ears, neck, and jaw are located right next to each other. Anatomically speaking, they are part of a cohesive system of bones, muscles, nerves, and other tissues that make up your neck, mouth, and head.

With TMD, the muscles in the jaw can become overworked and strained. This discomfort doesn’t have a very long way to go and can easily manifest as ear and neck pain. This is why, for many patients, treating their ears or neck directly hasn’t helped. The solution is to address the root of the problem—the jaw and bite.

Can You Treat Ear & Neck Pain?

Woman holding neck in pain

By removing the source of someone’s ear or neck pain—TMD—we can make it go and stay away. This may involve the patient wearing an oral appliance to bed, or we might rebalance their bite by slightly reshaping a few teeth. When the jaw is healthy and functional, the muscles won’t exhaust themselves, so then the pain can’t move to the ear and neck. And like that, the problem is gone!